The Regality Cross

The story of Grantown’s Regality Cross

Ludovick Grant

In a Charter of 1694, their majesties King William and Queen Mary ordained that, “the town formerly called Castletown of Freuquhie, now and in all time to come to be called the Town and Burgh of Grant, and to be the principal burgh of regality, a market cross to be erected therein, and proclamations to be made thereat …..”

We know little of the market cross other than that in 1703 three women charged with the crime of “conveying aquavite clandestinely to prisoners in Castle Grant, who drank to such excess that they died”, were tied to the Regality Cross at Grantown, “their bodies made bare from the belt upwards, and scourged with cords by the hangman, each receiving thirty stripes.”

We also know that almost exactly one year after the foundation of New Grantown, the market or regality cross was carried in procession and placed in the centre of the new town. It was drawn by strong oxen and horses belonging to Mr Grant of Grant. What happened to that cross nor what it looked like remain a mystery.