Photographic Competition



Entries must be taken in/near Grantown On Spey depicting a building or other form of architecture, such as a bridge. The photos are to have been taken in 2016. Location of the photo will be required.

The competition is open to all, as long as you can print off an A4 or 10”X 8” size print of your picture as well as send an electronic copy (JPEG format) to Prints to Bill Sadler, Murree, Woodside Avenue, Grantown PH26 3JN. Entry for each photograph will be £3 each. There is no limit to the number you may enter. Entry for pupils through their school is free.


Copyright in all images submitted for this competition remains with the respective entrants.


In consideration of entering the competition, each entrant permits Grantown Society a licence to feature competition images in a publication, website or any promotional material connected with this competition.   Copyright for the usage will be credited to the photographer.


There is a total prize fund of over £300 which includes a prize for the overall winner of £100, plus prizes for each entry level. Awards will be at the sole discretion of the judges.

What we Want and Aim to Achieve as the Organisers

To get good publicity for Grantown “Wow, that’s in Grantown, I never realised …. Let’s go there”

We want people to have fun within the community and to be more aware of what is within our neighbourhood, as well as promoting architecture and photography.

What Are We Looking For In These Photographs?

Aesthetics – do you instantly see something you perceive as interesting or beautiful? Does it literally catch your eye by making you follow all four corners of the picture without you wanting to look away? This is called the ‘story’ in photography terms.

Creativity – has the photographer been clever by using an odd angle or subtle light effects. Has, using equipment such as an extra wide lens (fish-eye) given an extra dimension that actually promotes the architecture, or is it a distorted mess?

Commitment & Technical ability – has the photographer waited for the exact weather conditions, position of sun etc. Have they made sure that the exposure is set on the point of interest of the image? It is important to note in this section that creativity and originality will out-weigh the advantage that an expensive DSLR will have, even though the image of the DSLR is sharper in quality. This will help even the odds of what competitors are using to take the photo.

Note Well – Excessive use of an image editor such as Photoshop and altering the photo enormously by using tools such as ‘warp’ will count against the possibility of winning.